Retired sub-lieutenant, Paul Ritchie is seeking a judicial review from the Federal Court of a decision from the Canadian Human Rights Commission that dismissed his claim of discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation, due to a lack of conclusive evidence. Ritchie contends that he was “forced out” of the navy because of this discrimination. While the military admitted that though he was sometimes treated differently, they reasserted their stance that it was not due to his sexual orientation. In court, Ritchie stated that he felt threatened when the military said that the investigation could be delayed for months unless he was willing to reveal the amount of compensation he wanted. He also claimed that military officials lied to Human Rights Commission investigators, resulting in their decision being based on flawed information. Ritchie is seeking $5000 in damages from the Department of Defence, who are counter-offering $2250. Justice Ann Marie MacDonald has reserved her decision.

National Post