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Book Review: Detaining the Immigrant Other

Rich Furman, Douglas Epps and Greg Lamphear (eds), Detaining the Immigrant Other: Global and Transnational Issues (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2016) 220 pages. Author: Jenny Poon Excerpt An extraordinarily timely contribution to literature, Detaining the Immigrant Other is a rich… Continue Reading →

The Political Life of a Human Rights Impact Assessment: Canadian Mining in the Philippines

Authors: Penelope Sanz & Robin Hansen Abstract Impact assessments have a political dimension, as scholarship in this area explores. The political characteristics of one Human Rights Impact Assessment (HRIA) are examined in this article, using ethnographic analysis. The article examines… Continue Reading →

Upholding the Human Right to Food in the Face of Agro-Biofuel Technology

Author: Attila H Rezaie Abstract For centuries, fossil fuels have monopolized the energy market. Seeking greener, renewable energy sources, nations have recently turned to agro-biofuels. This article will focus on first generation agro-biofuel technology, and argue that this technology undermines… Continue Reading →

Indigenous Cultural Heritage and Artistic Expressions: “Localizing” Intellectual Property Rights and UNESCO Claims

Author: Eleni Polymenopoulou Abstract This article examines the protection of indigenous peoples’ intangible heritage at the international level by addressing the problem of appropriation and commodification of traditional and artistic cultural expressions (TCEs) through the multiplicity of existing international legal… Continue Reading →

Book Review: The Sovereignty of Human Rights

Patrick Macklem, The Sovereignty of Human Rights (New York: Oxford University Press, 2015) 259 pages. Author: Umut Özsu Excerpt A great deal of ink has been spilled over the years about sovereignty and human rights. Both concepts have long pedigrees, and both have… Continue Reading →

Troubling Waters: Recent Developments in Canada on International Law and the Right to Water and Sanitation

Author: Karen Busby Abstract In less than a decade, Canada has moved from resisting the recognition of the human right to water and sanitation in international law to explicitly recognizing the right. This paper reviews how Canada and, tangentially, other countries,… Continue Reading →

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