Table of Contents

Title Page & Publication Information


Amar Khoday, “Tough on Terror, Short on Nuance: Identifying the Use of Force as a Basis for Excluding Resisters Seeking Refugee Status”
(2015) 4:2 Can J Hum Rts 179

Brian Langille and Pnina Alon-Shenker, “Law Firm Partners and the Scope of Labour Laws”
(2015) 4:2 Can J Hum Rts 211

Mel Cousins, “Pregnancy as a “Personal Circumstance”? Miceli-Riggins and Canadian Equality Jurisprudence”
(2015) 4:2 Can J Hum Rts 237


Thomson Irvine, “Saskatchewan, the Patriation of the Constitution and the Enactment of the Charter: Looking Back and Looking Forward”
(2015) 4:2 Can J Hum Rts 259

Book Review

David Hughes, Book Review of The Twilight of Human Rights Law by Eric A. Posner
(2015) 4:2 Can J Hum Rts 291