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Experimenting with Credibility in Refugee Adjudication: Gaydar

Authors: Sean Rehaag & Hilary Evans Cameron Abstract Canada offers refugee protection to sexual minorities facing persecution abroad. While success rates for sexual minority refugee claims have generally been higher than the overall average at Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Board,… Continue Reading →

Book Review: Detaining the Immigrant Other

Rich Furman, Douglas Epps and Greg Lamphear (eds), Detaining the Immigrant Other: Global and Transnational Issues (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2016) 220 pages. Author: Jenny Poon Excerpt An extraordinarily timely contribution to literature, Detaining the Immigrant Other is a rich… Continue Reading →

Tough on Terror, Short on Nuance: Identifying the Use of Force as a Basis for Excluding Resisters Seeking Refugee Status

Author: Amar Khoday Abstract The use of force has been a significant feature of many political struggles and resistance movements. The consequences for its participants may include the possibility of persecution if not death. Some will flee and seek protection… Continue Reading →

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