Front Matter & Foreword

Richard Jochelson, “The Complexity of Human Rights on the Tenth Anniversary of the Canadian Journal of Human Rights


J. Mauricio Gaona, “The Final Refugee Paradigm: A Historical Warning”
(2021) 10:1 Can J Hum Rts 1

Andrea Salguero Florian, “Short-term Detention, Long-term Effects: How Health Risks to Children in Immigration Detention are Weighed by Judges and Administrative Decision-makers in Canada”
(2021) 10:1 Can J Hum Rts 39

Arig al Shaibah & Sophie Poinar, “Managing Campus Expression and Equality Rights: Contemporary Considerations for Canadian Universities”
(2021) 10:1 Can J Hum Rts 73

Daniel W. Dylan, “Towards Developing a Non-ableist and Non-cisnormative Taxonomy of Bodily Integrity Identity and Expression in Canadian Human Rights Law”
(2021) 10:1 Can J Hum Rts 123

Book Review

Robert J. Currie, “The Right to a Fair Trial in International Law by Amal Clooney & Philippa Webb”
(2021) 10:1 Can J Hum Rts 167