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Dion Defends $15 Billion Arms Deal with Saudi Arabia, Stating It Has No Effect on Human Rights

Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister Stephane Dion continues to stand by the controversial $15 billion arms deal signed by the previous government with Saudi Arabia. International pressure continues to mount on countries who have arms deals with the Saudi government. In… Continue Reading →

Air Canada’s Use of United States ‘No-Fly’ Lists Probed by Human Rights Tribunal

The Canadian Human Rights Tribunal is looking into whether Air Canada, the largest airline in the country, discriminated against an Arab-Canadian man by relying on ‘over-zealous’ United States security lists. The man, whose identity has not been revealed at this… Continue Reading →

Gay Former Navy Officer’s Human Rights Case in Court

Retired sub-lieutenant, Paul Ritchie is seeking a judicial review from the Federal Court of a decision from the Canadian Human Rights Commission that dismissed his claim of discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation, due to a lack of conclusive… Continue Reading →

Ontario Human Rights Boss Warns against Cleavage, Short Skirts in Dress Code

Renu Mandhane, the new commissioner of Ontario’s Human Rights Commission is reminding employers that dress codes requiring low-cut tops and short skirts could violate human rights code. The commission issued a policy paper that addressed gender-specific dress codes, while encouraging… Continue Reading →

Residents of Quebec Reserve File Human Rights Complaint Over Membership Law

Several residents of the Kahnawake reserve, near Montreal are filing complaints with the Canadian Human Rights Commission over a provision in the band’s membership law that requires a member who marries a ‘non-native’ to move off the reserve. Fo Niemi,… Continue Reading →

Ottawa Urged to Pass Law Penalizing Russian Human-Rights Abusers

Anti-Putin campaigner Bill Browder is seeking all-party support to adopt a Canadian version of the U.S. Magnitsky Act. The Magnitsky Act freezes assets and bans visas of Russian human-rights violators. Bill Browder will be meeting with cabinet ministers, official from… Continue Reading →

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