Working for the Canadian Journal of Human Rights is an invaluable complement to one’s legal education. The experience allows law students to be exposed to human rights scholarship of the highest caliber and to interact with some of the keenest legal minds in the country and around the world.

The CJHR is a publication of Robson Hall, Faculty of Law at the University of Manitoba. The journal is edited by students under the supervision of a Faculty Editor-in-Chief. The student editors have a wide range of responsibilities; from editing for style and ensuring that submissions conform to the McGill Guide to liasing with peer reviewers and authors.

Academic Rules allow three earned credit hours for the work undertaken by members of the CJHR Editorial Board. Editors will be required to read submissions and to attend regularly scheduled board meetings, to complete all assigned editing work in a timely manner during the year, and to participate in other CJHR business as it arises.

Editors play a very important role in ensuring the quality of our publication both by taking part in the editing of articles accepted for publication and editing the texts that are accepted for publication. Editors work with and mentor two or more Junior Editors in carrying out editorial tasks.

The responsibilities of the Editors lie in three main areas: (a) attending weekly board meetings; (b) editorial tasks (copy-editing, citations, etc.); (c) supervision of assistant editors.

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