Richard Carver & Lisa Handley, Does Torture Prevention Work? (Liverpool: Liverpool University Press, 2016) 622 pages.

Author: Callum Haslam


An uncomfortable but extraordinarily important subject within academic and social discussion concerns the prevalence, use of and prevention of torture in the 21st century. Given the persistence of torture across the world and its profound health consequences, torture is an increasingly important issue in the fields of global health and human rights. Does Torture Prevention Work? stands as a significant contribution to the examination and analysis of the issue of torture and torture prevention. The title of the book continuously serves as the underlying research question that guides Carver and Handley’s examination of multiple countries, examining empirical indicators that point to an overall decline in torture in 16 countries over the span of 30 years. Using a simple but effective model to analyze on-the-ground research collected over four years, they are able to present a compelling case regarding what strategies, factors and situations are required to reduce torture on a large scale…

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Recommended Citation:

Callum Haslam, Book Review of Does Torture Prevention Work? by Richard Carver & Lisa Handley (2017) 6:1 Can J Hum Rts 207.