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Experimenting with Credibility in Refugee Adjudication: Gaydar

Authors: Sean Rehaag & Hilary Evans Cameron Abstract Canada offers refugee protection to sexual minorities facing persecution abroad. While success rates for sexual minority refugee claims have generally been higher than the overall average at Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Board,… Continue Reading →

Taking Prisoners’ Rights Seriously on Substantive Habeas Corpus Review

Author: Ian Davis Abstract In Mission Institution v Khela, the Supreme Court of Canada held that a detainee on an application for habeas corpus may challenge a deprivation of liberty on grounds of substantive unreasonableness. According to some advocates and… Continue Reading →

Policy, Practice and Privatized Prison Telephones in Saskatchewan

Authors: Sarah Buhler & Amanda Dodge Abstract Governing law and policy in Saskatchewan mandates fair and reasonable telephone access for prisoners in provincial correctional centres. Our community-engaged, qualitative research project investigated the state of telephone access in Saskatchewan correctional centres… Continue Reading →

Caught Between Deference and Indifference: The Right to Housing in Canada

Author: Sarah E Hamill Abstract: This article explores two recent cases where the right to housing was mentioned and sets out their links with property. Discussions of the right to housing usually focus strictly on public law. The focus on… Continue Reading →

Upholding the Human Right to Food in the Face of Agro-Biofuel Technology

Author: Attila H Rezaie Abstract For centuries, fossil fuels have monopolized the energy market. Seeking greener, renewable energy sources, nations have recently turned to agro-biofuels. This article will focus on first generation agro-biofuel technology, and argue that this technology undermines… Continue Reading →

Indigenous Cultural Heritage and Artistic Expressions: “Localizing” Intellectual Property Rights and UNESCO Claims

Author: Eleni Polymenopoulou Abstract This article examines the protection of indigenous peoples’ intangible heritage at the international level by addressing the problem of appropriation and commodification of traditional and artistic cultural expressions (TCEs) through the multiplicity of existing international legal… Continue Reading →

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