Title Pages and Table of Contents


Justice Rosalie Abella, Supreme Court of Canada, “Foreward/Avant-propos”
(2012) 1:1 Can J Hum Rts 1

Dr. Lorna A. Turnbull, Dean of Law, “Foreward/Avant-propos”
(2012) 1:1 Can J Hum Rts 13

Gail Asper, The Asper Foundation, “Foreward/Avant-propos”
(2012) 1:1 Can J Hum Rts 17

Dr. Donn Short, Editor-in-Chief, “Human Rights and the Blank Page”
(2012) 1:1 Can J Hum Rts 21


Amissi M. Manirabona & François Crépeau, “Enhancing the Implementation of Human Rights Treaties in Canadian Law: The Need for a National Monitoring Body”
(2012) 1:1 Can Hum J Rts 25

David Matas & Maria Cheung, “Concepts and Precepts: Canadian Tribunals, Human Rights and Falun Gong”
(2012) 1:1 Can Hum J Rts 61

Jeff Corntassel, “Cultural Restoration in International Law: Pathways to Indigenous Self-Determination”
(2012) 1:1 Can Hum J Rts 93

Bruce MacDougall, Elsje Bonthuys, Kenneth McK. Norrie & Marjolein van den Brink, “Conscientious Objection to Creating Same-Sex Unions: An International Analysis”
(2012) 1:1 Can Hum J Rts 127

Annie Bunting, “Forced Marriage in Conflict Situations: Researching and Prosecuting Old Harms and New Crimes”
(2012) 1:1 Can Hum J Rts 165