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Membership and the UN Human Rights Council

Author: Conall Mallory Abstract Established in March 2006 to directly replace the discredited Commission on Human Rights, the Human Rights Council carries the heavy burden of restoring credibility in the United Nations principal human rights institution. This article examines one… Continue Reading →

SOGI… So What? Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Human Rights Discourse at the United Nations

Author: Jena McGill Abstract This paper presents a critical appraisal of the “term of inclusion” by which issues related to sexual and gender diversity are being incorporated into international human rights discourse at the United Nations (UN): the category “sexual… Continue Reading →

Tough on Terror, Short on Nuance: Identifying the Use of Force as a Basis for Excluding Resisters Seeking Refugee Status

Author: Amar Khoday Abstract The use of force has been a significant feature of many political struggles and resistance movements. The consequences for its participants may include the possibility of persecution if not death. Some will flee and seek protection… Continue Reading →

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