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Volume 3, No 1

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Jena McGill – SOGI… So What? Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Human Rights Discourse at the United Nations

Mary J. Bunch – Communication for the Purposes of Human Rights: Sex Work and Discursive Justice in Canada

Stan Lanyon – Conceptual Challenges in the Application of Discrimination Law in the Workplace

Jennifer Koshan – Under the Influence: Discrimination Under Human Rights Legislation and Section 15 of the Charter


Volume 2, No 1

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Conall Mallory – Membership and the UN Human Rights Council

Cecilia M. Bailliet – Reinterpreting Human Rights through Global Media: A Case Study of Al Jazeera English

Arif Bulkan – The Limits of Constitution (Re)-making in the Commonwealth Caribbean: Towards the ‘Perfect Nation’

Herman T. Salton – ‘A Flag For All Republicans': The Legislative History and Parliamentary Debates on the French Law on Religious Signs at School

Volume 1, No 1

Title Pages and Table of Contents

Foreword by Rosalie Abella – Avant-propos de Rosalie Abella

Foreword by Lorna A Turnbull – Avant-propos de Lorna A Turnbull

Foreword by Gail Asper – Avant-propos de Gail Asper

Foreword by Donn Short – Avant-propos de Donn Short

Amissi M. Manirabona & François Crépeau – Enhancing Implementation of Human Rights Treaties

David Matas & Maria Cheung – Canadian Tribunals, Human Rights and Falun Gong

Jeff Corntassel – Cultural Restoration in International Law

Bruce MacDougall, Elsje Bonthuys, Kenneth McK. Norrie & Marjolein van den Brink – Conscientious Objection to Creating Same-Sex Unions

Annie Bunting – Forced Marriage in Conflict Situations