The Canadian Journal of Human Rights is seeking reviewers for books, published in 2017-18, that deal with human rights law and policy issues relevant to Canadian society or international human rights issues. See below for a list of suggested titles.

Please contact us at if you are interested in submitting a review.

  • John D Jackson & Sarah J Summers, Obstacles to Fairness in Criminal Proceedings: Individual Rights and Institutional Forms (Oxford: Bloomsbury Publishing PLC, 2018)
  • Mark Lattimer & Philippe Sands, Eds, The Grey Zone: Civilian Protection Between Human Rights and the Laws of War (Oxford: Bloomsbury Publishing PLC, 2018)
  • Helen Duffy, Strategic Human Rights Litigation: Understanding and Maximising Impact (Oxford: Bloomsbury Publishing PLC, 2018)
  • Meghan Campbell, Women, Poverty, Equality: The Role of CEDAW (Oxford: Hart Publishing, 2018)
  • Jennifer Tunnicliffe, Resisting Rights: Canada and the International Bill of Rights, 1947-76 (Vancouver: UBC Press, 2018)
  • R E Lowe-Walker, Intercultural Deliberation and the Politics of Minority Right (Vancouver: UBC Press, 2018)
  • Sarah Grayce Marsden, Enforcing Exclusion: Precarious Migrants and the Law in Canada (Vancouver: UBC Press, 2018)
  • Andrew Thompson, On the Side of the Angels: Canada and the United Nations Commission on Human Rights (Vancouver: UBC Press, 2017)
  • Dominique Clément, Debating Rights Inflation in Canada: A Sociology of Human Rights (Waterloo: Wilfrid Laurier University Press, 2018)